A long long time ago in a battle that cost the lives of millions, an enemy was fought to a standstill and order was restored the the cosmos. But now the actions of Master Vile and the Power Rangers had undermined that effort and released a foe more sinister than any they have faced before. And he hasn’t woken up yet. The order of the Universe has been shattered, the Age of Chaos has arrived.

The Warning

The Power Rangers successfully thwarted Master Vile’s plan to obtain the Zeo Crystal and have placed its power beyond the reach of those that might seek to use it. So why is it that an old mentor of Zordon, a being who died before the war with Rita and was unfathomably old at the time of his death returned from the grave to deliver a warning about a new threat?

Disclaimer: The title of this series Age of Chaos and the character name Ma’erok both come from a now deleted story by Hellfire. Ma’erok was a character I first read about way back in the late 90’s and asked for permission to use at the time. THe series name was one I liked and since it is not being used any more I decided to use it. However apart from the names this series has nothing to do with Hellfire and certainly should not detract from his excellent works.

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